Travel To Zinda Park in Bangladesh

The off chance that the objective is somewhat far, and if you have it the entire day, at that point, you can return from Zinda Park in Narayanganj. There are numerous parks to invest energy in Dhaka. Now individuals are reluctant to go to the parks in light of the rottenness and vulgarity. 

If you need to dispose of gridlocks and commotion for some time, you should return from Zinda Park. The utilization of an exceptional building style feature in the park isn’t the result of any government activity. 

Once more, not the development of a business association. The park through the unconstrained cooperation of local people and their interest. The “Agrapathik Palli Samiti” began its excursion in 1980 with 5,000 individuals in the zone. This park is the consequence of 35 years of vigorous work and penance. 

There are not very many instances of such reason, the investment of endless individuals, and the acknowledgment of penances. The park has 3 sheets called Operations Bureau, Operations Parliament, and Operations Commission, at present Zinda. The town is likewise called an ideal town.

Zinda Park is situated in Rupganj, Narayanganj. 

Zinda Park, spread over a zone of ​​about 100 bighas, has a network school, a network center, a library with smart engineering, a mosque, an Edgar, a burial ground, and a café. 

There are over 10,000 plants of 250 species in the park. This function of the tree has made the earth tranquil, green, endless flying creatures have been singing. 5 tremendous lakes bring cool fixation. So regardless of how hot the park condition will give you a dash of harmony. 

Zinda Park is presently a notable spot for family picnics. After intersection the wooden bridge, you will appreciate the hour of sitting in the bamboo lunch nook made in the tank with your friends and family for some tea or plunging your feet in the water. 

There is no issue with not having a vehicle. You will get a Vehicle and CNG before the park to get back. What’s more, indeed, on the off chance that you need to have an excursion, reach us a few days ahead of time. Outing dinners by the park specialists. 

Ticket cost 

100 for each grown-up. 50 TK for little kids. On the off chance that you enter with food, the ticket cost will be 125 rupees. Additionally, the extra charge to the library is 10 TK, and you can go around the lake by vessel. The cost will be 30 minutes 200 TK. 

Parking costs 

Parking costs 50/ – to 100 TK for every vehicle. 

Approach to go to Zinda Park 

The separation of Zinda Park from Dhaka is 36 km. Any place you are in Dhaka, go to Kuril Biswaroad first. You need to purchase a ticket for Kanchan Bridge from the BRTC transport counter in Kuril and get off at Kanchan Bridge. So far the lease will be 25 rupees. 

To go from Kanchan Bridge to Zinda Park Sidestep, you need to pay 20-30 rupees for Laguna or Auto. You can arrive at the door of the park by strolling down the detour as per the heading. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you go by the cart, the admission will be 80-100 rupees. You can go legitimately to the park entryway by cart. 

In transit back, the Kanchan Bridge will be moved gradually via auto or cart. From that point take BRTC transport to Kuril Biswaroad. You will get transport from Kanchan Bridge after 15 minutes. You can likewise take CNG straightforwardly from Kuril Biswaroad to the park, lease 400 rupees.

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