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Narayanganj: You can visit one of the three places of enthusiasm for Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj area close to the capital during the Eid occasions. These are ‘Tajmal of Bengal’ Sonargaon Museum (Bangladesh Society and Crafts Foundation) and Panam Nagari. 

These places in Sonargaon Upazila, the autonomous capital of antiquated Bengal, draw in local people and from the encompassing regions. It expects that a record number of homegrown and unfamiliar guests will accumulate at these two places this Eid not surprisingly. 

Furthermore, for this, different courses of action have been made in these places of intrigue. Very late washing and support work is going on. Aside from the Taj Mahal and Sonargaon Museum in Bengal, the antiquated city of Panam, the banks of the Meghna Stream in Bishnandi Upazila of Araihazar Upazila, and a couple of secretly assembled stops in Rupganj may swarm. 

Sonargaon Museum 

The Bangladesh People and Crafts Foundation is otherwise called the Sonargaon Museum. Just 24 kilometers from the capital Dhaka. Artist Rabindra Gop, the overseer of the foundation, said that this year the foundation finished uniquely in contrast to a year ago. There will be brilliant lighting. 

Extraordinary courses of action are accomplished for the security of thousands of individuals in the museum during the Eid occasions. The police organization has announced lessening the gridlock at the passageway of the museum. Smoke cleaning is going on in various pieces of the museum. 

By chance, Sonargaon was once world-popular for the muslin. An option in contrast to muslin, the Jamdani sari seen straightforwardly inside the Karupalli. The Society and Crafts Foundation Museum and the Foundation Square merit a visit. The Lekghera Foundation premises have Karupalli, pontoon trips, and tagged fishing. 

Isa Khan, one of the Bar Bhuiyans, controlled Sonargaon for quite a while. Sonargaon lived encompassed by waterways. So no adversary could assault Sonargaon. The Bangladesh Society and Crafts Museum built up here in 1985. Admission to the Crafts Foundation is 10 rupees, and 100 rupees for unfamiliar vacationers. 

The memorable Panamnagar is situated in the town of Goldi. A half kilometer away from the Society and Crafts Foundation. Close to Panamnagar is the memorable Panam Pool. Guests to the museum as a rule visit the city of Panama for a bar. 

The Taj Mahal of Bengal 

In 2007, the entryways of the Taj Mahal of Bengal demonstrated on the Agra Taj Mahal in Agra, India, were opened to the general population in Ajpara, as Sonargaon. Tiles set in better places, unfamiliar Jewels, and stones, bronze moon-stars on the Precious stones are more wonderful in the Taj Mahal of Bengal. The extra charge is kept at just 50 rupees. 

Movie chief and maker Ahsanullah Moni manufactured the Taj Mahal on his territory in Bedouin town on 12 bighas of land. He said the tiles in the Taj Mahal earned from Italy. The 162 unfamiliar jewels and stones place in better places. Four moons of bronze used to make the moon-star over the vault. 

Moni said that Head Shah Jahan constructed the Taj Mahal as a badge of adoration for the burial place of his dearest spouse. The rundown of seven miracles of the world. After some time, the Taj Mahal presently bears the sign of the extraordinary memory of the affection for the world. That is the reason the individuals of the nation who can’t go to Agra, India to see the Taj Mahal can much of a stretch see the Taj Mahal in Bengal. Panam Nagar. 

Panama City 

The city of Panam in Sonargaon, the capital of Bengal, was particularly critical during the rule of Bir Isha Khan. The organization of Sonargaon led by the city of Panam. The current foundation of Panama goes back to the English time frame. Old Panama stays covered under Panama. 

Various structures, mosques, sanctuaries, religious communities, sanctuaries, showers, ballrooms, depositories, mints, courts, wide dividers, eating lobbies, courts, beguilements, and so on worked here. Long term old cloisters last found in the city of Panama. To its west is the East India Organization exchanging processing plant Nilkuthi. 

There are Poddar houses, Kashinath house, the workmanship exhibition in Sonargaon, and numerous other old structures. The Pankhiraj Trench streams past Panam. A portion of the presence of the memorable 300-mile Amazing Trunk Street from Sonargaon to the Indus worked during the Sher Shah period, is as yet noticeable in Panama.

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