Characteristics of severe disability

Life insurance has a close relationship with the concept of disability. Although many do not know it, these policies not only cover the death of the insured but also cover the disability. There are two types of disability: total and permanent. The great disability is framed within the absolute permanent disability.

Major disability is the maximum degree of incapacity for work, and it occurs when a worker’s motor or mental abilities are affected to the point of not being able to perform basic activities on their own. This disability will only be considered as such when the worker needs the assistance of another person to, for example, eat, walk or change clothes. It is assumed that the person in question cannot do any kind of work.

Requirements for the recognition of the Great Disability

Being registered or assimilated to registration: Whether you are self-employed or salaried, you must be registered with Social Security. This does not mean that you should be working at that time since you can request it while on leave. There is a small exception, you can request the great disability in a situation of not high if you have contributed 15 years to Social Security and three times within the last 10 years.

Not having accessed ordinary retirement: If you have reached 65 years of age and already enjoy the retirement pension, you will not be able to request absolute permanent disability. The person who can do so will be the person who has agreed to early retirement and has not reached 65 years of age.

Contribution period: If the disability is caused by an accident at work or an occupational disease, there is no minimum contribution. Otherwise, there are two assumptions depending on whether the worker is over or under 31 years of age.

How to apply for the Great Disability

Documents to present: The DNI of the worker who requests it and the clinical history, in all cases. If the worker is self-employed, they must present proof of the last three payments of the Self-Employed quota. If a severe disability is requested due to a work accident or professional illness, the corresponding part and a certificate from the company with the salary of the year prior to said accident or illness will be presented.

Application form: Although the application form can be obtained online, it can also be accessed through the INSS offices throughout the country, where experts can help you if you have any questions. Click on this link to access the Social Security website where you will find the form.

Submit the form: There are two options for completing the severe disability petition. The first is to submit the printed version of the completed application and the documents mentioned earlier in this article. This will be done at the INSS and always by appointment. The second option is to submit the online version of the application and documents through the Internet and save on travel. This can only be done if the worker has a digital certificate.

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