Aegon Women’s Life Insurance

The Dutch company Aegon was founded in 1983. Today, it is very active in places like the United States and the United Kingdom. The insurer has become a world reference in insurance, especially thanks to its products related to life, investment, and pension insurance.

Aegon has the Flexible Life Insurance for Women, a product designed specifically for women and that can be contracted through, which covers death (for any cause and anywhere) and the diagnosis of any type of female cancer.

What does Aegon women’s insurance cover?

One of the coverages of this insurance is the diagnosis of different types of cancer, a disease that, unfortunately, is very common. In 2017, the tumors most diagnosed in women in Spain were those of the breast, ovaries, uterus, and cervix. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have insurance that covers the diagnosis of female cancer, either of one of these types or of less frequent ones. The Flexible Life Insurance for Women guarantees the payment of € 30,000 to the beneficiaries in the event that the insured is diagnosed with female cancer. The peace of mind of the insured’s family is paramount, that is why it is also insurance that covers death.

Whatever the place of death or the cause of it, Aegon’s Flexible Life Insurance for Women will bring peace of mind to the insured’s family since the family finances are protected against a possible unforeseen event. Living quietly and knowing that yours will have guarantees when you are absent is priceless.

Death is the main guarantee, but there is another advantage when it comes to taking out life insurance, and that is that you can have a capital advance of up to € 3,000 for burial expenses and for the payment of Inheritance and Gift Tax (ISD). In addition, there is another complementary guarantee: absolute permanent disability for any reason.

Complementary services

In addition to the two major coverages that we have explained, there are life insurance accompaniment services to assist and help the insured or her family in the most delicate moments:

24-hour telephone medical guidance: Medical professionals are in constant contact with the insured or the family in order to reassure, inform and guide.

Second International Medical Opinion: Serious illnesses require opinions from different experts. Thanks to this service, the insured can consult with doctors from all over the world without traveling.

Orientation in nutrition and healthy habits: The insured only has to take a telephone questionnaire to discover her nutritional needs.

Telephone psycho-emotional counseling: A team of psychologists will be on the other end of the phone to deal with difficult situations.

Face-to-face psychological counseling: Experts will accompany the families in the grief on the spot, and the insured before the loss of health.

Home help: Beneficiaries can have help at home just by presenting the medical report.

A living will: The insured can clarify the care and treatment she wants to receive when she can no longer communicate her wish.

Online wills: Either for the realization or for the modification of the notarial open will.

How to take out Flexible Life Insurance for Women

If you have doubts, or if you want to hire this insurance in a few minutes, we make it very easy for you. Click on this link and choose how you prefer us to contact you. You can send us an email. Our sales team will ask you for the documentation to contract life insurance and will send you your personalized policy. You can call us. A specialized agent will assist you and resolve all the doubts that may arise about your policy. If you finally decide to take out life insurance, it will ask for all the documentation and guide you through the process.

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