The best travel apps to explore South America

There is no doubt that thanks to technology, traveling has become easier. In this article, we recommend several pages and travel applications to explore South America. They will help you save money, learn much more, etc. Traveling in South America has become the purpose of many travelers and with good reason. It is a continent that has everything in terms of climates, landscapes, flavors, and very friendly people. In this article, I want to tell you what travel applications can be useful for you to explore this wonderful continent.

There is no doubt that today, travel has become much easier. Not only because of the globalization we have and because of the significant increase in airline routes, both for first-line lines and domestic flights. The advancement of technology and the massification of information (after all, today we are going through the era of information and data), allows us that absolutely everything reaches the screen of our mobile phone anywhere in the world that we are.


Many times a journey begins on a plane and, if so, Skyscanner becomes our best friend. This flight search engine has gained popularity in recent times and, at least for me, it is unbeatable when it comes to looking for cheap air tickets.

It is true that there are other flight search engines, like Google Flights or Kiwi, but none gives me as many benefits as Skyscanner. The possibilities of looking for flights to open destinations, not only injects me with adrenaline but has also saved me a lot of money. Basically, Skyscanner collects the information of all the flights between a destination X and a destination Y and orders them by price, by departure time, flight duration, etc. I insist, if I have to fly, it is the first page I open to search for flights.


Eye. Although I use this flight search engine a lot, I almost never close the purchase through its page. I use Skyscanner just to find out which companies offer the cheapest flight or even to know which companies make that route. Once I know that I go directly to the company page since, many times, they offer the same flight for a few dollars less.


What would my life be without Couchsurfing? How many times did I use it and how many people (now friends) I met thanks to this platform. Couchsurfing is an edge of the collaborative economy (like several of the pages that I am going to mention in this article) where different people offer an armchair, a bed, a room that they have free, or whatever, for a traveler to stay in his house.  And what do I have to give in return? Nothing cheap. That’s one of the good things. We don’t have to pay anything in return. It is rather an exchange of experiences, a barter.

The Couchsurfing philosophy invites us to, once we arrive at the house of the person who is hosting us, chat for a while, tell them where we come from, what trip we are doing, and share at least one night with the host. Why not go have a few beers, a wine, or go out to explore the city. Nobody is going to show us the city better than a local, right?

Whenever I talk about Couchsurfing, I am obliged to mention the same thing. It is not a hotel, nor a hostel, nor an Airbnb. If you are going to arrive, leave your backpack and leave, or lock yourself in your room to see Stories on Instagram (the technology is sometimes not that good), do not use this platform.


Respecting the personal moment is very important when traveling. We do not force ourselves to socialize when we are not for it. There is nothing wrong, as I said before, giving ourselves time to think and reflect on what follows. For this reason, when this happens to us, it is very important to listen to what happens inside us and act accordingly, even if we spend a few extra dollars. But, when looking for accommodation, Airbnb is a great tool to not pay so much.

Airbnb is a platform where you rent a room in a family house or, also, the entire apartment. It is, let’s say, a middle ground between Couchsurfing and a hotel or a guesthouse. Using Airbnb we are not required to chat with our host (although many times we will end up doing so and meeting new friends). Airbnb is used, many times, by local people who want to generate an extra income. Since your monthly salary is not strictly dependent on what you earn on Airbnb, prices are usually not that high. Even, looking ahead, you can get prices so good that they exceed a hostel. Even if we pay a little more, we are staying in a private room and sharing the apartment with only a handful of people. Worth it.


The concept of housesitting is, quite simply, wonderful. Suppose I have a house and I live with a dog and a cat. I have to go on vacation and I need someone to take care of my pets, but I don’t have the budget to pay someone to do it.

What do I do? I apply it to the concept of housesitting. I’m looking for travelers who are interested in taking care of my pets (and my house) in exchange for staying free of charge. Not bad, right? It’s a win-win, wherever you look at it. The person who travels is reassured that their pets are being taken care of and the people who take care of the pets are staying in a house (which are often beautiful houses in paradisiacal places) at no cost. The best-known page when it comes to talking about Housesitting is TrustedHouseSitters. If you are traveling in New Zealand, Kiwi House Sitters is the one to use.

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