5 things to do for free in Barcelona

Thinking of visiting one of the most visited cities in Europe? Here are some things to do for free in Barcelona plus other recommendations to make your visit spectacular. Let the person who does not like to travel without spending a dollar raise his hand and prefers to dedicate himself to paying for things that could be done for free. How? No one? Of course, if we all love it when things come from above and we can save and travel longer, or not?

 Therefore, for all the rats, elbows, stingy, etc., I bring you this very complete guide so that you can take advantage of one of the most dynamic cities in Western Europe without having to open your wallet more than a couple of times and just to pay for transportation public, buy a refreshing beer (which comes with free tapas, of course!) or give yourself a small self-gift because why not?

The stingy thing was a joke, eh? Don’t be offended, if what we want to emphasize is not paying for things that are not worth it and not falling into the local traps of look, here is a tourist, let’s swindle him, what happens in absolutely all tourist destinations. Don’t forget that if you want to spend several days or weeks in Barcelona. This way you will not only save a lot of money, but you will also get to know the local culture better.

Visit Park Güell

One of the best city parks I have ever visited! It has everything: incredible views, the buildings so characteristic of Gaudí, and a lot of nature. Inside the park, there is a sector that can only be accessed if we pay, but the rest of the hectares can be explored for free and it is in this sector where we have the best viewpoints for an incredible panoramic view of Barcelona.

I think I sat for an hour on one of the stairs at the top because the view was hypnotic. Yes, I ruined the photo for many people but I couldn’t leave, the view was really captivating. Super recommended spending several hours walking inside the park.

Watch the sunset in the Bunkers del Carmel

Well, the beer part would not be free, but instead of going to a bar, I invite you to take a trip to the Bunkers, a picnic basket in between and watch the sunset from above. When I visited Barcelona I stayed at the house of some friends who have lived there for a couple of years and thanks to them I was able to find out about this place.

Barcelona is even more beautiful from above and luckily there are several points from which to observe the city. Now, many of those points (cathedral domes, for example) are going to charge us an entrance fee, but one of my favorite views is the Bunkers (it’s a 360 ° view !!) and it’s totally free.  I admit it, it was the combination of beer, sunset, and clear view that made me fall in love, not just the view. Super recommended!


This applies to any destination. I have an average of walking about 15km per day. Yes, I’m half a crazy crazy person, but I really think that the best way to discover the places is by walking, getting lost in streets that seem to lead nowhere but usually end up in that local coffee shop that you would never have discovered otherwise. .

And Barcelona is a super walkable city. If your itinerary does not include more than 3 or 4 days in the city, in that case you can take a metro or bus to one of the neighborhoods and walk there.

My recommendation, especially to experience the true Catalonia, is that you spend an afternoon walking around the Gracia neighborhood. If you go through the different streets, you will notice that the language that is heard the most is Catalan. And also the one that is most talked about, both in supermarkets, bakeries and especially in small cafes. This neighborhood is super quiet, local, and with many squares with bars so that you can have as many beers as you like. It is not one of the cheapest neighborhoods, but you can find super accessible places and happy hours abound.

Spend an afternoon in Castelldefels

This is one of the other things to do for free in Barcelona that you cannot miss. Yes, in order to visit Castelldefels you will have to take a bus or the metro (because walking would take more hours than is convenient), but believe me, it is worth it. Not only because of the landscape (sea in front, mountains behind) but because compared to the number of people that abound in Barceloneta (the beach that we all know by name and that is practically in the middle of Barcelona), Castelldefels seems an exotic destination. And although it is a mainly maritime landscape, it is beautiful to visit it at any time of the year.

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