5 things to do in Bogotá with little money

Are you thinking of visiting this Colombian city? Don’t miss this guide on what to do in Bogotá with little money plus other tips and recommendations. The Colombian capital envelops us in a bohemian air, full of culture, good food, rumba, and a lot of history. Bogotá, the one with a changing climate and friendly people, has many plans to retrace it at our whim and without spending much: from the top of its landscape to the color of its center. So take note of these data so that you know what to do in Bogotá with little money and enjoy!

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Go to the Plaza de Bolívar

La Candelaria is the center of the city and a good way to start walking is through this square, which is always full of pigeons, fruit sellers, and other curiosities. There is the Primada Cathedral of Bogotá and you can enter at no cost. Some days they set up markets and many times they do events of all kinds. It is a place where something is always happening.

The House of Nariño

If you are very curious, know that you can visit the Presidential Palace or, as they say, the Casa de Nariño. You have to request the guided tour on their website and then go on time, at no cost. Or, if you prefer, you can watch the changing of the guard that happens every day at 2.30 pm (Sundays it is at 3.00 pm). As a fun fact, the guards’ uniform is an XXIX century design, so you can go and see it up close.

Eat the best ajiaco!

We continue in La Candelaria and there, next to the Bogotá Cathedral, is the Puerta Falsa –the oldest restaurant in Colombia- and where they have to go to eat ajiaco. Let’s see, you can get it cheaper in other places, it is true, but the experience is worth it (and you will already be saving a lot with all these data) Also ask for a fruit juice to accompany it. It’s always crowded and queues outside, so get there early.

Go to the Botero Museum

Impeccable and also, admission is free (closed on Tuesdays). You have to go to see more than 200 works that the beloved Fernando Botero has donated to the city and take a walk through part of his personal collection that takes us to see works by Miró, Dalí, Picasso, and many more artists. The spaces are beautiful, the guides take great pains and it causes them to take everything from the store that is at the end of the tour. Come on, it’s Botero, you can’t miss it.

And also to the Gold Museum!

Do not underestimate this tour, you will enjoy it very much. On Mondays, it is closed and the entrance for the rest of the days is 4000 pesos (less than 2 $) Here you will understand a lot of the history of Colombia, thanks to its past and you will be able to see more than 20 thousand pieces of gold from the Precolumbian era. Take the guided tour, it is seriously one of the things to do in Bogotá with little money and you will be surprised by what you can learn.

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