6 Places to travel as a couple in South America

If you dream of traveling as a couple in South America and volunteering together, don’t miss this list with the best recommendations for different destinations to travel in pairs. It also includes a list of incredible places to volunteer. I already told you how I feel about the Latin American continent, right? I love him. Strong. It has something that grabs me. Its mystique. His story. Their people. Their tribes. Their food. Its everything. Latin America is all that is good in this world. And touring it is a unique experience.

What is better? Walk it alone? Or as a couple? Already that, I do not know. I don’t think there is a correct answer. Some will say that a single-trip is unbeatable. And others will say that the magic of traveling as a couple can hardly be surpassed. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. And it is not the purpose of this article to discuss that.

What I can tell you is that South America is a continent that is 100% suitable for traveling as a couple. To travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend. With the boy, you are just taking your first steps. With the girl, you know there may be a future together or with whom they simply vowed to travel for 5 months and then go their separate ways.

Volunteer as a couple!

There is news on the platform! Now it is possible to create a double plan (either for a couple or for two friends who are traveling together). Then it is necessary to become a Verified Member, paying our annual fee (one time and valid for one year) of US $ 59. For that, one of you must choose the option “ Partner / Friends Plan ” on the page to become a Verified Member.

Assuming that you pay for the annual plan, you have to fill in space with the email of the person who will travel with you. The invitee will only become a Verified Member when they accept the invitation, and then they are identified as a dual plan. After your partner accepts the invitation, you can send requests, chat with the hosts, and confirm your trip together. That is why here we are going to try to make a list (subjective, obvious) of the 6 best places to travel in South America with your partner. Let’s go?

San Andrés, Colombia

We started well at the top, right? An island that is paradisiacal. An island that belongs to Colombia but is submerged in the Caribbean Sea , very close to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


An island with a sea that has colors that say, rarely seen in the world. Lots of cultures, varied architecture, and sunsets that play in a higher league. Not bad, right?

Why travel as a couple to San Andres?

Because they will get to know each other a little more. Because they won’t have much to do, other than to be on the island. They will know themselves more and, therefore, they will know the other more. They will be able to talk about what they fear, what is good for them, and what is not so good. All this, watching the sun go down or submerged in a transparent sea.

Volunteer as a couple near San Andrés with Worldpackers

Although there are no specific offers in San Andrés, there are in, for example, Cartagena, another city that is well worth traveling to as a couple doing volunteer work. And at the same time, one of the peninsular points closest to the island.

  • Volunteering in Content Creation and Digital Marketing: For example, this host asks for volunteers with experience in Content Creation to help them create digital content (videos, photos, articles, etc.) for their website and for their social networks.

Ask for 20 hours of help a week and offer 2 days off, plus a private room! Obviously, you can also use the kitchen and they offer you free tours. Hurry, because if you don’t apply, I will.

Trekking through Patagonia, Argentina

Well, we are not going to discover anything new when we mention Patagonia, are we? Yes. I know it has two sides. The Chilean and the Argentine and both are beautiful. But, and again making use of my subjectivity, I prefer the Argentine side because, well, the heart plays an important role in our decisions, right?

Patagonia, with its majestic landscapes, its mountains, its plains, its snow, its summer heat, its variety of flora and fauna, is an ideal place to travel as a couple and walk endlessly.  Do easy, medium difficulty, or even more complicated trekkings. Climb its mountains, camp in the open in a 1000 star hotel. Yes, the ones you see when you open the closing of your camping tent. Patagonia is the natural wonder that you can’t stop going with your partner.

Why travel as a couple to Patagonia?

Because it will challenge you. They are going to live in extreme situations that probably do not live in other places, or at other times. They will know their limits. Their own and those of their partner. They are going to challenge themselves. They will overcome those limits and discover new ones. They are going to step out of their comfort zone. Together. And that is a beautiful thing.

Volunteer as a couple in Patagonia with Worldpackers

Do you want to be a volunteer in a hostel near Los Alcerces National Park? This hostel, small but with a lot of love to give, welcomes cyclists and tourists who are going to visit the park. Although they ask for 25 hours of help per week, helping with the maintenance of the cleanliness of the place, the compost, the dry bathroom, making the beds, and always having everything ready to receive the tourists, they say that the work is light and that they there will be a lot of free time to enjoy. They offer a shared bed, 2 days off per week, and free breakfast.

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Although the past of Salvador de Bahía is not the best (it was the gateway for the African slave trade to the American continent), with the passage of time it has been transformed into a place full of joy, culture, and paradises to discover. It is a mixture of customs, foods, landscapes, and architecture that reaches its peak in February, with the carnival. Something that without a doubt, you cannot miss.

Why travel as a couple to Salvador de Bahía?

Already. You don’t answer a question with another question, but… Why not? Why not vibrate to the rhythm of Salvador with your partner? Why not enjoy a colorful city, in the company? Why not experience the magic of the carnival with the most important person by your side?

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