5 tips for traveling as a couple for a long time

Wanting to travel as a couple? Although it is not always easy, here are 10 tips to travel as a couple for a long time and get to understand each other as well as possible. Recommendations, tips, and much more you will find here.

How to travel as a couple? Many have this doubt when undertaking a long journey with their partner. It is challenging because it is no longer about a weekend outing or the planned trip for the next vacation, there is a fear that the relationship will change and that nothing will be the same and, it may be.  Traveling as a couple and living together 24/7 is a constant struggle, a daily tug of war, no matter who wins or who is the strongest, the key is to support each other and not lose heart because ultimately traveling with someone else It allows you to see life from another perspective and is doubly enriching.

Don’t be put off by what we just told you! Traveling as a couple is not as bad as it may seem, that is why we will share with you the advice, tips, and secrets that have led us to be together for 12 years, largely thanks to travel, which enhanced our love much more, Now we do not change for anything this set of sensations that were forged with the learning that the route has given us.

How to apply to volunteer as a couple

There is news on the Worldpackers platform! Now it is possible to create a double plan (either for a couple or for two friends who are traveling together).

Take short trips

First, first and foremost, do you both share the purpose of undertaking that long-awaited journey? If the answer is yes, please take short trips to test if you understand each other in environments as changeable as those to which you are exposed while traveling.

It is essential to know the tastes of the couple, if they are truly passionate about traveling, what type of destinations they prefer, their fears, their abilities, their purposes in life if there really is mutual trust. Make sure you want to share with your partner that piece of life and time destined for the trip, and be very careful how the coexistence between the two takes place, on this last condition the success of that dream trip as a couple weighs heavily.

Be transparent

That couple that travels by your side is the being you chose to share the dream of taking a long trip together, they are the ideal person to accompany you when your strength falters and when you enjoy excessive happiness, they will be the confidant of so many adventures and so many experiences that only you will know.

We suggest that you be completely transparent and honest with each other, communication should be one of the main axes, not keeping words, situations, or details that bothered you, sharing your bad moments and your good moments; if you have to cry, cry! If you want to laugh out loud, laugh! If you can’t take it anymore and you need to untie that lump in your throat, go ahead! The meaning is to show oneself as they are, without masks, at the moment they require it.

The relationship is not just one

It is essential to understand that the relationship belongs to both, therefore, respect for the opinion of the couple must prevail when making a decision, you should not always do what I say or what I think, it is ideal to reach a consensus between the two regarding where to spend the night, what to eat, what activities to do, how long to stay in a certain place, money management, etc.

Divide tasks

As a relationship is for two, the responsibilities should not fall on just one, it is very important to divide tasks, even if one of the two is the strongest, or likes to cook, or is easier to negotiate when asking for a discount, or always the person in charge of executing a task; It is very valid and necessary to exchange roles and put ourselves in the shoes of the other, even if it is not to our liking to do so, and even skills that we had saved may come to light because we have always remained in our comfort zone.

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