My experience volunteering in Ubatuba, Brazil

Here I tell you part of my experience doing a volunteer in Ubatuba, Brazil. In this place that you will not only want to visit but also make a home on one of its beaches. Here I tell you everything.

Brazil, the giant of Latin America, hides in its lands divine stories, myths of the Amazon rainforest, songs in a cafe in Rio de Janeiro, mate and balloon biscuits on Rio’s beaches, and carnival all year round in Salvador de Bahia. I had already been several times when I was a child, but now I had the opportunity to meet and tour it for two months. Connect with incredible people who appeared on the route and gave me a roof, in the places where I stayed, and in the most remote ways impossible to think. I fell in love on this trip, I fell in love with its natural beauty. In this article, I will tell you about my first destination!

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My first volunteer in Brazil

When the plane flew through the skies of Sao Paulo I was terrified to see the enormous buildings of that immense city. With suffocating heat, the songs of the flood were approaching, and little by little the gray streets were flooded. Me, being from a small town, was not what I was looking for. So, without my cell phone working, I went to the bus station and took the next bus to Ubatuba.   Getting to Sao Paulo and hitting a bus is the easiest way to get to Ubatuba, the travel section is about 5 hours and the cost of the ticket is about 60 reais approximately.

Where is Ubatuba located?

Ubatuba, is a municipality on the coast of the state of Sao Paulo, is known as the “capital of surfing” by Brazilians, and is reflected in the beauty of its beaches. If you are looking for waves, you have to go to the beaches of the North: Itamambuca, Felix, Vermelha do Norte. On the other hand, if you want to do the plancha and swim and swim until the time you want, you have to visit the southern beaches: Lazaro, Tenorio, Domingas Dias, Enseada, Lamberto, among many more.

The water is crystal clear and warm, Brazilians also recognize Ubatuba as the “Brazilian Caribbean”, it is something that caught my attention, because I thought that the hottest beaches were those in the North of Brazil, but Ubatuba surprised me.

In Ubatuba everything is calm, everything is peace and fresh air … although if you visit it in season (months of December, January including also February) the calm is in constant movement in some places, for example in the center of town, and on the beaches closest to him, full of Brazilians; and also many street vendors who give it a special touch sometimes, especially when they come from a respectful position.

In the center of Ubatuba, there are shops of all kinds (pharmacies, small and large supermarkets, surf shops, clothing stores), bars and restaurants, in the center and in front of the Itaguá beach, but then it is all Atlantic forest and peace.

My experience volunteering in Ubatuba

In this place, I did a volunteer with Worldpackers working in Claudia’s hostel, and I had a great time. I met many people, and I enjoyed all the things that I did. The hostess of the hostel always looked at me warmly and lovingly, we shared food many times, we exchanged musical tastes, and when it came to making proposals, we were both receptive.  Besides that, he lent me his bike and he traveled miles and miles just to see more beaches, he returned at night and this was quite an adventure.

Working in a hostel is usually a lot of fun, especially when you have good communication with the host. We got in touch with Claudia months before volunteering, and above all, it was because she was going to exchange work in the middle of the season (in January).

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