5 advantages of living an adventure abroad

Do you know that there is much more in you to discover but you don’t know where to start? Do you feel the need to fill an inexplicable void? This article will reveal the advantages of living an adventure abroad and explain how to do it with little money.

Improve my social skills

This was perhaps the first change that I noticed and one of the most interesting since suddenly the “I-social” began to gain more confidence; interesting fact for all those readers who may not be so outgoing and that leads them to think that making this decision may be a very big step for them. Personally, I never considered myself a very outgoing or super social person. I think that before I would have considered myself as someone, socially speaking, standard. Today, I feel completely different, with more desire to interact with strangers than ever!

The second thing that I began to notice about this acquired benefit was that this social aspect that was developed opened many doors for me, the number one reason why I consider it a privilege. Not only did I make friends from diverse backgrounds, but I also created bonds that to this day, having already spent more than a year since my first experience as a Worldpackers volunteer, remain a unique privilege. It was until I was contacted on various occasions by the hosts I had worked with, telling me that I always had an open door with them and that they would love for me to return soon that I was truly aware of this honest and honored bond.

Own your own time

I understand that this topic can sound a bit confusing since we always own our own time, but do we always have the possibility of making plans without too much advance or worries and with a little budget without inconvenience?  Since I started touring the world with Worldpackers as a volunteer and content creator, I have had the great freedom of being able to modify my calendar as I pleased.

Two weeks in advance I applied as a receptionist in a hostel because I had decided that I had already had too much of routine life in Rome and it was time to visit new places, like Venice. Since then I have not been able (nor wanted to) stop and I have had the possibility of living in cities like New York, Milan, Budapest and all thanks to the freedom of knowing that there is no list of how and when we have to do things. . This benefit helped me get rid of the social stereotype of planned life.

If I wanted to, I could move from country to country without so much drama and sometimes I still find it difficult to be aware of such experiences. I can assure you that it would not have been possible without giving up my comfort zone to give myself completely to myself. Me more adventurous and, of course, without Worldpackers.

See life from another perspective

Just as the Vikings loved to conquer new lands and had an insatiable curiosity to know what else was on the other side of the horizon, we travelers are exactly the same.  If you trust your instincts and decide to undertake this new adventure, you will expand and load new information into your brain in the most convenient, fun, and efficient way possible: through experiences. You will notice that being in contact with people who were raised with a different way of seeing life will make you begin to see new perspectives of the world around you, to interpret it with different eyes and how you act in it.

Learning about new cultures through the experience of having foreign friends as a base, made me value honesty more, taught me to listen to people in a more sincere and attentive way, made me understand that everyone who comes my way He is a person with whom I can share my experiences, culture, and thoughts so that we can learn from each other.

Know that, even abroad, you are not the only one

This point is very important because we are far from home, away from our friends, our … Everything! So from time to time it feels comforting to know that other people go through the same thing as you.

For example, I have met many travelers who were going through a period of homesickness just like me, and that made me feel less nostalgic because, somehow, we supported each other for the simple fact that we were both going through the same situation in the same context. I have also met people who, like me, were at the stage of the big question: Where to go now? which did not join more and made us support each other even when someone had already left the hostel where we were working.

Have more confidence in yourself

I mean, you moved from the heart of your comfort zone to a completely different country, a new culture, a different climate, and in some cases, even a different language.

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