How to earn money at the Brazilian carnival

Officially, it’s four days of fun, but the pre-carnival wave is here to stay. More holidays, more glitter, and opportunities. Check out my 6 tips on what to do at the carnival for extra income and also the top 6 destinations to guarantee your next vacation.

What to do at the carnival

Every year is the same. You work long hours, you get stressed, you promise to take your vacation and travel, but when you finally have a break, where is the money? It’s over. There are so many bills to pay that you end up leaving the dream trip (again) for next year.

This vicious cycle is now over! If you do not have enough money, it is time to earn money and do to realize your dreams. What better time to earn extra income than when the crowds hit the streets without worrying about anything but partying.

Carnival is the biggest party in Brazil, whether you like it or not. The period moves millions of reais, attracts tourists from all over the world, and is a great opportunity to earn money. You just need an idea, a little attitude and a lot of energy, because the party is exhausting and the sun never gets cold.

Sell ecological frost

The Glitter, glitter or frost is the star of the party. You may not have the patience to think of a costume, but you will never be immune to those glitter spots that come in contact with you at Carnival and only fade completely at Christmas.

The problem with ordinary frost is that it is made of microplastics and it takes years and years to decompose. Take advantage of the fact that there are many people involved in taking care of the environment to give them the shine that this era deserves.

Fun accessories for Carnival 2020

This trip requires a bit more skill with crafts. But it is the second biggest sensation of the “blocks”  (comparsas), after glitter. Who never came out with a tiara of a devil, angel, bride, or some animal, that throws the first streamer! But let’s face it, the carnival is much more than just these ordinary characters and that you are more than capable of recreating the classics and inventing new things! With a simple tiara, EVA foil, wire, and a little creativity, it is possible to make beautiful accessories to sell and become the most diva person of the 2020 carnival holiday!

Use Pinterest and Instagram to get inspired by what’s happening around the world and don’t limit yourself to tiaras. You can create earrings, top hats, shoulder pads, hairpins, necklaces … anything that is shiny or flashy is profit, just keep in mind that it should be colorful or fun. If it’s all together, so much the better!

Sell costumes during the carnival

Okay. This is a bit more work and involves more creativity and disposition. In addition, you can hardly sell in the middle of the troupe for reasons of space and weight. But this is an alternative for those who have a “stick face”, the courage required for physical sales, and are more willing to create a digital business.

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