5 cities with the best beaches in Sao Paulo and TOP hosts

Beach destinations in the State of Sao Paulo where you can do exchanges and volunteer. Travel to Brazil with free accommodation. 

Are there beaches in Sao Paulo?

A few days before traveling to Sao Paulo was when I found out that it had no beaches. I kept doing more research on the city because apparently, I had no idea where I was going. It turns out that the capital does not have beaches, but the State of Sao Paulo does. Here I will share with you these beach destinations on the north and south coast of São Paulo where you can also find great volunteer opportunitiesSo if you were hoping to take a bath on the beach to enjoy the Brazilian sea, you can do it just a few hours away. 


Ubatuba is a strategic city that borders the State of Rio de Janeiro, ideal for those who enjoy both worlds, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This capital of surfing has more than 100 seaside beaches and many options to enjoy natureextreme sports, and responsible tourism.


Caraguatatuba is a beautiful city that you can fully appreciate from the Morro de Santo Antonio. In Caraguatatuba you can also do mountaineering and hiking with impressive destinations that take you to waterfalls in the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar – Núcleo Caraguatatuba

São Sebastião

As San Sebastián is the oldest city on the north coast of Sao Paulo, it is not surprising that it preserves a large part of the history and culture of São Paulo. To learn a little more about its culture and history, take a walk through the Historic Center that preserves beautiful buildings from the 17th century. The Archipelago of Los Alcatraces and the natural pools with waterfalls of Pedra Lisa are other places that you should visit.


Ilhabela is the largest maritime island in Brazil and at the same time the only island and archipelago considered as a municipality. Ilhabela is a favorite destination for lovers of nautical sportsIts constant winds and paradisiacal landscapes have made this island-city-archipelago the venue for events such as International Sailing Week, the largest in Latin America. This beautiful destination hides more than 300 waterfalls among its native forests.


Bertioga is one of the safest alternatives making it a popular destination for family trips. This city also stands out for being the home of the Guaraní indigenous tribe, which you can include among the activities to do during your visit.  It is also known for its eco-tourism efforts, creating an infrastructure suitable for responsible tourism. Also take the opportunity to take a tour of the Giant’s Throat, where you can take baths under the waterfalls and in its natural pools. São João Fort is the oldest fortress in Brazil.

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