Traveling honoring your ancestors: a small guide to find inspiration in your origins

Many of my travels came from a source of inspiration that was always in me: my origins. From European immigrants to later Latino immigrants, this familiar vision of “the world, my Home” always motivated me to discover the corners of the planet that are a small part of who I am.

I begin this article with the phrase of the novelist of “The Chronicles of Narnia” because from the moment I read it, it resonated beyond me, as if it had been heard by my father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, my great-great-grandfather, etc. and we all agreed with this vision of Clive.

Have you ever wondered why you like to travel so much and where does that inner passion to discover new places come from?

I feel that in some way, the experiences and stories of (mainly) my father and great-grandfather have created the traveler that I am today. Depending on the country where you were born, there is a great possibility that if you went back just a couple of generations, you would land in cities, countries, or even continents very far from home. So I thought, with Father’s Day this March (at least in Spain and Italy). What better way than to take the opportunity to talk with dad and tell us his travel stories, about our origins, the journeys his father went through to get to what we can now call “our country” and what was his place of departure?

Currently, we live in times in which we learn to value life and our loved ones more, so it is a good opportunity to make a call or if you are lucky enough to have them by your side, sit with them to listen to great stories.

Migrating is natural

Personally, I come from Italian and Belgian grandparents and I am fortunate to be able to say that both sides migrated for personal reasons, for the simple love of curiosity, to travel and explore and not to escape a war. Also, when I was little, my parents decided to migrate to the United States when Argentina was going through a difficult time and, without thinking twice, as a family we embarked on an adventure to new unknown lands. And so the family legacy continued.

I guess one of the reasons it was “easier” for them to get on that plane that would take them so far from what they called home is because, before them, they had already made decisions like that. Leave the comfort zone behind and fly after a dream ceased to be a totally crazy idea from the moment my European ancestors took the first jump. From that moment, migrating became naturalized in my family.

The world, my home

It is the most important inheritance they could have left me Above all those simple words that resonated so much in the family and that my great-grandfather Giovanni Battista always repeated every time the topic migrating came to a conversation: “The world, my Home. ”  Phrase that was later adopted by my father and me and we turned it into the family motto when we were the ones who should see the world without borders, it gave us the security that we could aspire to new goals in any corner of the planet, just as you It worked for my great-grandfather to set sail from Genoa, Italy for months later to arrive and settle in Argentina.

That same phrase is what made a family travel 12 hours by plane to settle in a completely different country in every aspect and, 20 years later, he guided me without any stress from Argentina to Italy and recently guided me to Ireland. Inspired by these generations of nature travelers,   I decided to return to the continent where it all began. Today I look out my window and see what my ancestors saw. I returned from his life story my new panorama. This curiosity and admiration for their courage and vision of the world led me to create my own and choose to visit these countries so different (and at the same time so similar) to the one in which I was born.

Going back to my origins

And that’s how I returned to Italy, with my blog full of sheets eager to be completed with stories, learnings, and experiences. And I found myself with two small great challenges: one, to find a way to be able to travel without haste, in my own time, treading each of the streets that my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents traveled for much of their lives; And two, adjust my ridiculous budget to that dream of giving my time to every city that I set foot on.

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