How to Support the Travel Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has impacted travelers around the world. Here we will show you how to support the travel industry and the Worldpackers community even while you are socially distanced. The coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world. Everything we know has changed drastically from what it was a month, a week, a day ago and the travel industry is one of the sectors most affected.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 affected and will continue to affect our thinking about travel, plans for future travel, and support for the travel industry. Countries are closing borders and we are all (I hope) applying social distancing and avoiding unnecessary mixing. Traveling, if possible, is very risky.

Do not travel to or from places with evidence of outbreaks 

Above all, follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  or the public health authority in the country you are currently in. For most people in the world right now that means avoiding unnecessary travel and socially distancing themselves from places where they would normally go or contract with other people.

The truth is that the best way to protect the health of the people we normally interact with is not to see them.

Even if you were planning to move to remote locations like camps or parks, you would need to travel through small towns or regions that generally don’t have the resources to handle a community outbreak well.

I know that hearing the words “do not travel” makes us travelers feel like we are left without a flat, but there will be a day when we will be able to shake hands with our tour guides and stroll through a crowded local market, and debate who has the armrests again from the middle on the plane.

2. Write comments

The tourism industry lives and dies for “reviews” that review. This is one of the most important ways other travelers find great accommodations, restaurants, and experiences around the world. If you are like me, surely you intended to leave a comment on all the places you visited but did not have much time. Now, having time on your side, you can organize to leave your opinion on the incredible places you traveled to.   A good comment will make someone’s day, no matter how many miles or closed borders there are between the two of you. These reviews will pay off later, too, helping other travelers find “hidden pearls” when we can safely go around the world again.

Consider every dollar you spend as a “vote” for what you want the world to be.

Now more than ever we must “put on our pants.” The reality is that if we don’t do our part today, the world could look different than we expect at the end of this. If you value small businesses, buy or donate to these small businesses. If you value creativity, support creative projects, and artists. If you value the travel industry, buy gift certificates for future trips. Every dollar is a vote for what you want it to last in this altered world.

Learn skills that will make you a better traveler in the future.

Now more than ever, we have time. We have time to learn, practice, reflect, move, breathe, and dream. Use your time to become a better traveler and contributor to the travel industry.

Learn languages

There are many language learning resources online, many of which are running free trials right now. Use the time you have now to practice and later when you travel you can have meaningful conversations with other people.

Practice budgeting

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our health globally, but it has also had a major impact on our financial health. Budgeting isn’t glamorous, but it helps you travel further, longer, and more often. Take advantage, practice budgeting techniques, and start saving aggressively for the day when you can safely buy that plane ticket.

Get in shape

Now is a good time to try a free trial of an online exercise app. How does that make you a better traveler for the future? Well, you will be able to carry your suitcase or backpack, walk longer distances, and venture with confidence at the end of this.

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