How to Build a Career Telecommuting: Ultimate Guide

Today we are living in quarantine due to Coronavirus that is forcing many people to migrate to the digital world and seek a remote job, even many travelers. Going home office and having a remote professional career is a great benefit in extreme situations like these.

Companies that before would not have imagined opting for remote work today see it as the only salvation to continue operating And we also observe digital companies that are gaining strength creating job opportunities for those people, with a computer and Wi-Fi, willing to provide a service.

How can we seize digital opportunities in times of coronavirus?

We will start with the basics, differentiate between remote work and freelance work, and then I will share 20 steps so that you can start your career working remotely. This article will be especially helpful for those who see the opportunity to earn money in the digital world and even those who aspire to be digital nomads.

What is a remote work or home office?

The home office is the name in English used to refer to all the activities we can do to earn money from home (or wherever you prefer) without having to report to an office daily to follow a regular work schedule and rules.  Remote work in Spanish is also known as remote work and telecommuting.

How do you work on the Internet?

To work on the internet or do a home office you can:

  • Find out if the company you work for offers this telecommuting benefit or propose it.
  • If you are looking for work, use terms like ‘remote’, ‘home office’, or ‘telecommuting’ as search criteria.
  • Start a freelance career in the digital world.

What is a remote freelance job?

Freelance or freelancer means a freelance, independent job. In other words, a job on your own account, without bosses or permanent work relationships. Here the deal is from customer to service provider. On the internet, you can get both a job as an employee of a company and build your own independent career, freelance. A freelance graphic designer, for example, may have several clients in various parts of the world for whom he offers his design services.

Why work from home?

Working from home or telecommuting allows you to:

  • Monetize a hobby or passion
  • Have the freedom to move and travel whenever you want
  • Work from wherever you have internet
  • Have more time for non-work activities, entertainment, and personal development.
  • Diversify your client portfolio
  • Generate income in foreign currencies
  • Plan the days at your convenience
  • Work on personal projects
  • Share more with your friends, family, and partner

Do I need to speak English to do the Home Office?

Speaking English is not exclusive to having a remote job. However, when doing a home office, the better your level of English, the more job opportunities you have. You can use the Coronavirus quarantine to your advantage to learn English and practice it with these  Of all the resources, the one that seems most complete, practical, and efficient for learning a language is Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta platform itself allows you to set up a plan to evolve your English, allowing you to monitor your development and the results you want to achieve. Also, they have chat sessions with natives and real people, rather than robots or games.

In the digital world, you can work for companies from different parts of the world and English is the most common language among clients and freelancers. Spain and Latin America are increasingly developing their own online world, so there are more and more distant work opportunities for Spanish speakers without English as a second language.

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