Zingsiam Saitar waterfal

Gingsium is the name of a bomb young lady. Rumana lived in the neighborhood. Was extremely eager. One day I went to Zuma to get vegetables. He should return before the early afternoon.

However, the afternoon additionally rolled. After the night parole, the individuals of the neighborhood went out to search for him. His body was found at the foot of the wellspring at around 2 am to discover many.

From that point on, the name of Saitara or spring is Gingsium. It has three steps. Each progression is lovely. You can go through the Lunthausih neighborhood.

On the off chance that you remain in Rumana Para, you need to go back to Para after observing Kund and the second and initial steps. Also, if you remain in Lunthausih Para, you can see all the steps and go to Rumana Para.

Rumana Para, a bombed neighborhood. Prior it was called Sankup Para, it did name after a merchant named Sankup.

It names after the area of the neighborhood toward the finish of the Ruma trench. Rumana Para, as other Bam Paras, is very spotless.

The top of the neighborhood is called ‘Karbari’. Notwithstanding the grade school in the neighborhood, there is a congregation

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