Padma Resort in Munshiganj

Padma Resort is a beautiful and beautiful resort built on the banks of the waterway Padma in Munshiganj locale of the Dhaka division. It is an ideal spot for the individuals who need to draw near to nature and streams by intersection the limits of the clamoring city.

Amid the furious guidelines of mechanical life, commotion, clamor, and air contamination, or more all the rushing about of city life, this Padma Resort, built on a brought seat up in the center of the Padma Stream, can carry a touch of quietness to the end of the week.

Padma Resort might be the ideal spot for you to spend time with family or companions. The great way from Dhaka to Padma Resort is just 50 km. On the off chance that you have a vehicle with you, it will take around 2 hours to go. The Padma Resort is a situation on the banks of the Padma Stream close to Louhjong Police headquarters in Louhjong Upazila of Munshiganj Locale.

Padma Resort a created with a sum of 16 duplex cottages. Of these, 12 cottages name after the year of Bengal, and the staying 4 have named after the seasons. The cottages in the far west need to be somewhat more isolated, and they begin as per the name of the Bengali month.

A large room, two single rooms, a drawing-room. There are two overhangs and a washroom. Every cottage can oblige 6 individuals.

As a strange fascination, there is house rice made of beautiful leaves the Bamboo and palm wood have been utilized impeccably on the dividers and different spots. The ground floor of the duplex cottage has a lot of couches, a table, and a solitary bed on the ground floor.

A washroom with a chest, bowl, mirror, shower, and so forth with the best in class fittings on the ground floor and an extensive veranda for sitting. Focus table and closet in the center.

In winter, the cottage is by brilliant blossoms, and in the stormy season, it is a domain of water. They can include the night stars in armchairs on the lawn of the resort. During that, you can head out to the Padma by neighborhood pontoon. You discover hilsa at the resort café. You find vegetables, meat, chicken, and duck. Occasional organic products coordinate.

What is there in Padma Resort?

Outside: Outside is the Levis Seashore Seat you can lean back and appreciate the astonishing magnificence of the waterway. There are likewise ponies, can ride around on these ponies.

Restaurants: There are many well-appointed restaurants inside the resort. There is room for approximately 120 characters.

River Cruise Arrangements: To these who go on the boat, there do a kind of small and large boat design. There do rubber boats hereabouts that seat easily 2-6 people. Speed ​​boats are also available here. Another type of boat is the country boat. This boat is a little bigger, 20-25 people can get up here together boats have life jackets.

Sports: Here you can play with your friends in a variety of sports – football, beach volleyball, badminton, kite flying, frisbee, and even the local game Hadid.

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