Chandpur is the land of Hilsa


It takes four hours to reach Chandpur by launch from Dhaka. Chandpur can be reached from Dhaka step by step. Once more, two evenings of going back and forth can be spent on the launch. For instance, on the off chance that you leave Dhaka Sadarghat by a launch at noon, you will reach Chandpur toward the beginning of the day. After going through the entire day, you can leave for Dhaka again at noon launch. It won’t be important to go to Chandpur and lease a hotel. What’s more, if it is night, at that point there is no doubt.

It will take 3 to 4 hours to reach Chandpur by launch from Dhaka. It takes around two hours to leave Sadarghat and reach the Meghna waterway. From here until you reach Chandpur, you can see the entire 2 hours of hilsa getting. Anglers keep on getting hilsa under the front of the sun and downpour.

On the off chance that you need to purchase hilsa

Numerous individuals need to purchase hilsa when they go to Chandpur. That is the reason you need to leave the large station. To carry it to Dhaka, it will be stuffed with ice from the market. You can securely get back with hilsa. What’s more, when purchasing fish, take a gander at the silver shading. The vast majority of the Hilsa at Chandpur Bara Station Mokam isn’t from Chandpur. Barisal, Bhola, or ocean are more here. There is a simple method to perceive hilsa in Chandpur. The hilsa here is completely silver in shading. Also, in different spots, hilsa has a ruddy hint with silver shading. Nonapani hilsa has a ruddy hint with silver shading. The shade of sweet water or waterway hilsa is sparkling silver.

Approach to go to Chandpur

Chandpur’s transport leaves from Dhaka’s Sayedabad the entire day. You can likewise go via train. MV Taqwa, MV Sonartari, MV Meghna Rani, MV Bogdadia, MV Hawk, MV Al Borak, MV Tutul, MV Raffarf, and so on work day by day on the Dhaka-Chandpur course. In these launches, Dhaka-Chandpur or Chandpur-Dhaka five star single lodge lease is 300-550 rupees. Top-notch twofold lodge Rs. The second rate class charge is 100-150 rupees for every individual. These launches leave Sadarghat in Dhaka from 8:30 am to 11 pm for Chandpur. The launch left for Dhaka at 9 pm.

Where to eat hilsa

Get off at Chandpur and take a cart to Chandpur Bara Station and from that point by fishing vessel or pontoon to Rajrajeshwar Singe shortly. Exceptionally near this singe, the mouths of Meghna stream, Padma, and Dakatiya waterways meet at the mouth of Koralia. Manu Mia Hotel is a brief stroll from the ghat. There is a threat of getting inebriated by the smell of hilsa when you draw near. Not just singed hilsa fish or cooked, you can likewise eat hilsa eggs there, and it is smarter to go at night and promptly toward the beginning of the day to purchase fish from Ilishpur (Ilshahat).

Where will you remain?

On the off chance that you need to go and eat hilsa, you go back step by step, so you don’t need to stress over remaining. And still, at the end of the day, Chandpur has good quality hotel offices for travelers to remain and eat. Hotel Taj Mahal, Hotel Jonaki, Hotel Shyamoli are some of them.

Padma Resort in Munshiganj district of Dhaka division

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