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Red, brown, purple, green, blue, yellow, and purple – the seven colors of the soil? Can you think? Does there such a position in this world? In the pouring rain, I was able to see it from inside the store at Cum Antique, a bustling restaurant in Seven Colored Earth. This time Mauritius has to come for seven days. I went out today to finish my ship work.

It is raining in Kolkata, but it is winter here. The temperature is 18 to 24 degrees, which means pleasant. But it has been raining ever since. The sky is full of clouds, and the rainbow is playing. My driver is Narayanam. Within fifteen minutes of seeing Cascade Falls, a rainbow of rain and rain came through the sky and brought me to see this earthy rainbow. 

The place is in southwest Mauritius. Name Chamarel, District RIVIERE NOIRE. Several more tourist cars have stopped here. I paid 350 Mauritius rupees and got inside with a ticket and parking fee.

Mauritius Seven Colors Earth

The color of the rainbow on the undulating soil inside the enclosed area. A flood of green around him. Tikal nose-like hills in the distance. Which is a trademark of Mauritius? This antique and fast food shop are on the right after entering the place with a slight slope.

The living lava of a once-volcanic volcano evolved into a mixture of rocks. This stone, however, is basalt. Then the hydrolysis hole of that element separate stone is complete. Be that as it may, but its fruit is such a Tauranga world? – No. Can’t think.


Greenfield next to the colorful soil. There remain a few tortoise turtles in a fenced place. One reached out for a walk again. And where does it go? Immediately a team of photographers surrounded the poor man. I went too. 

“Side please, side please” – a European gentleman removed me and took pictures of me in a racing pose with a tortoise in such a way that I understood and knew the story of Esperanto from a young age.


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