How to Travel Tanguar Haor

This Tanguar Haor is the second Ramsar area of ​​Bangladesh, the first being the Sundarbans. Khasia in Meghalaya, India, is a colossal safe-haven for fish, birds, and other oceanic creatures in the lower regions of the Jaintia Slopes, embellished with lines of high-Karch, the twittering of birds.

At present, the absolute number of water mahals is 51, and the all-out area is 8,912.20 sections of land. Nonetheless, the area of ​​the whole hair, including reed woodland and Hijab Karach backwoods, is around 20,000 sections of land during the rainstorm season. Although it is lowered in the stormy season, the water level declines in winter. A large piece of it at that point evaporates.

Tanguar Haor is rich’s liberal endowments. This hair isn’t only a water body or a spot for raising, preserving, and getting fish. That is a mother angler. Hijab Karach’s vision has made this haor captivating. Aside from this, there are over 200 species of plants reed, milkweed, blue water lily, watermelon, shola, halacha, asparagus, Shital Pati, Swarnalata, banatulsi, and so forth in this area.

At present, the haor has 208 species of birds, 141 species of little and huge, 1 species of creatures of land and water, 34 species of reptiles, 6 species of turtles, 6 species of chameleons, and 21 species of snakes. Reed woodland has expanded a few times. In the winter season, breaking all the records of the past, Tanguar Haor got for the appearance and area of countless birds.

Amazingly terminated castles falcons, monster dim kingstarks, vultures, and an enormous number of visitor birds were perspectives on Tanguar Haor. The blend of neighborhood species of birds like Pankauri, Kalem, Baidar, Dahuk, different sorts of sand ducks, gangchil, buck, stork, and so forth is additionally superb.

As a rule, it assesses that 20/25 lakh birds were in Tanguar Haor in every one of the previous winter seasons. In certain spots, no one but birds seen skimming over an area of ​​more than a kilometer. Tanguar Haor is a related environment of fish, birds, and plants. It is generally significant as a fish safe-haven.

The two principle feathered creature asylums of Tanguar Haor are Leuchchamara and Berberia Beel. Directly in the center of Tanguar Haor is the wonderful Bill Hatirgata. It is surrounded by bills. In winter, most areas of Hatirgata evaporate. The spot got its name from the way that during the English guideline, the English used to go to the dry land in winter to ride elephants.

Step by step instructions to arrive

To start with, you need to go to the Sunamganj locale town. Sunamganj reached by the street from Dhaka. Non-Air conditioning transports of Shyamoli Paribahan, Hanif Venture, ENA Paribahan, Mamun Paribahan go to Sunamganj from Saidabad. Rent Air conditioning 500 to 500 rupees. By cart from Sunamganj transport remain to Sahebbazar Ghat.

During the storm season, one can go legitimately to Tangua by motor-boat or speed boat from Saheb Bari boat ghat of the city. It takes 5 hours by motor-boat and 2 hours by speed boat.

The expense of the motor-boat is TK. 2,500/ – to TK. 3,000/ – though the expense of speed boat is TK. 6,500/ – to TK. 6,000/ – . If you rent a boat to remain the night, you should go to the market.

The rent for a nearby fishing vessel or motor-driven boat will be around 5000 rupees. What’s more, the adjusted motor fueled boat has numerous offices incorporating a washroom with a high chest, canvas on the rooftop will cost around 15-16000 rupees on siestas. On different days you can get it for 10-12000 rupees.

On the off chance that anybody needs to go to Sunamganj from Sylhet, he needs to jump on the transport from the Kumargaon transport stand. The transport charge is 100 rupees.

Or then you need to go to Laguna or motorbike from the Sharma connect before Sunamganj city to Tahirpur or Solemanpur. Be that as it may, it is smarter to go to Solemanpur in February because the traversability of the Boulai stream from Tahirpur to Solemanpur diminishes as of now.

Tanguar Haor through Mohanganj in Netrokona

The Haor Express train leaves Kamalapur at 11.50 pm. The train arrived at Mohanganj at 6.30 am. After breakfast, you need to go by bicycle to Madhyanagar Bazar dispatch dock, rent 200-220 rupees, 2 individuals can go. If you use CNG, the rent is 60 TK for each individual. From that point, the speedboat departs for Tahirpur at 8.30 am at regular intervals.

You can rent a fishing vessel on the off chance that you need. Fishing boats saved from Akhra Ghat in Madhyanagar Bazar. You take the fishing boat in a rush. When taking a fishing vessel, ensure that you have an oven, utensils, canopy, and a day to day existence coat to pull on the rooftop.

If not, request that the broker bring it. The rent relies upon the individuals. The rent is between 1500-3000 rupees. After roughly a 3-36 30 hours fishing vessel venture, you will arrive at the Watch Pinnacle of Tanguar Haor.

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