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Starting from Howrah, Chandigarh 7 in the morning on the third day From here I will go to Manali in a few places of Lahul-Spiti Kaza-nako-kalpa-chitkul 6 I will return to Shimla We left Chandigarh in the morning and reached Manali 6 in the evening Manali is a small town in the Beas Valley The name Manali is believed to have originated from the name of the traditional Hindu sage ‘Manu’ Here you can see Hirimba temple and Vasishta temple This city is also called Gate Way of Lahul-Spiti

Khoksar, Himachal, India

Surrounded by apple trees and the Himalayas, the beauty of this city brings a different dimension Solan Valley 6 is very close Himalayan Training Institution and 6 here Departing from Manali, the next destination is Kaza (11,960 feet) Exit the city, cross the Rotang Pass (13,056 feet) and head to Kelong. On the way to Rotang, there is not only the name of ice, but light snow has just started The high ice wall I saw on both sides of the road in May has completely disappeared Continue along the Batal-Kaza road from Khoksar Continued with CHENAB RIVER, which came from Pakistan

Chenab River, Himachal

I reached Batal 6 with the river Roads are roads mixed with crushed stone, boulder and soil Leaving the highway a long way from Batal, we reached Chandratal (14,100 feet) along Chandratal Road. The source of the Chandra river is from Chandratal, which later merged with the Chenab river This moonlight is very beautiful 6 in the lap of the mountain As far as the car goes, there is a walking path of 8 km from there From here cross Kunjum Pass (15,060 feet) to Kaza7 When I crossed Kunjum Pass, it was 8 o’clock at night It was very late at night when I reached Kaza through Losar With very cold 6 The weather in Kajar is a lot like Ladakh COLD DESERT can be called 6

Spiti river 6 is flowing by the side This is a very small village SUB-DIVISIONAL HQ, Lahul-Spiti 7 From here you can visit – ‘Ki’ Monastery, Ki Village, Kiber Village (14,200 ft), Langja Village (14,300 ft), Langja Buddha Statue (35 ft), Comic Village (18,000 ft) [ Highest Motorable Village] and Highest Post Office ‘Hikim’ (14,400 ft) The whole Spiti valley is under the influence of Buddhism Admission to the picture of “Dalai Lama” in a hotel or restaurant In some places SAVE TIBET posters are also seen

Chandratal Lake, Himachal, India

Departing from Kaza, seeing the monastery of Dhankar, Tabo became Guo Village 6 This is a very beautiful village Monastery tattoo is very beautiful, shiny Next to the monastery is the mummy of a 500-year-old Buddhist monk whose teeth are still intact. From here Nako Village (12,000 feet) 7 One of the attractions of Nako is Nako Lake 6 Shade on the whole willow poplar tree When the weather is clear, the water of the lake fascinates the shadows of the mountains and the sky I will eat from Nako, on the way to Kalpa after Puh After eating this, Spiti and Shatadru merged and later merged into the river Baspa On the way to the district headquarters Rikampio 6

Key Monastery, Himachal

This is a beautiful village of Kinnaur valley Admission to the apple orchard 6 To the east, the Himalayan mountains are visible From here you can see the peak of Kailash in Kinnaur The locals start their day by bowing to Kailash in the morning From Kalpa to Sangla, Sangla, Rakcham and Chitkul 7 The last village on the Indo-China border is 6, bordering the Baspa River The river Baspa is flowing by the side of the village This was once the Indo-Tibetan trade route From Chitukul to Shimla via Sarahan-Rampur There are 7 Bhimakali temples in Sarahan It is like seeing the carvings of this wooden temple This Bhimakali is one seat of Ekanna Peetha. Kolkata 8 to return from Shimla via Kalka

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