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If you want to go to St. Martin, you must first come to Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district. St. Martin tin be transferred by ship or trawler of Teknaf. If you want to go from Dhaka. 

It is convenient to go directly to Teknaf by bus and from there to St. Martin by ship/trawler. If you are planning to travel to Cox’s Bazar, you can go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and then from Teknaf to St. Martin. Below are all the possible ways to go to St. Martin

Teknaf from Dhaka:

You can go directly to Teknaf by bus from Dhaka. Buses from Dhaka Fakirapul and Sayedabad to Shyamli, Saint Martin Paribahan, Eagle, S Alam, Modern Line, Green Line, etc. go directly to Teknaf. 

The fare for this 10-12 hour journey is usually between 900 to 2000 rupees depending on the bus and class. If you want to go to St. Martin, it is best to take a direct bus from Dhaka to Teknaf. The bus left between 8-10 pm and reached Teknaf at 8 am.

Teknaf from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar:

You can come to Cox’s Bazar first from Dhaka and then go to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar. Multiple buses from Dhaka to Green Line, Hanif, Saudia, Eagle, Sohag, TR Travels, Shyamoli, S Alam, Silk Line, St. Martin, etc. leave for Cox’s Bazar every day. The bus fare is usually between Tk. Cox’s Bazar can also be reached directly by air from Dhaka.

From Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf: From Cox’s Bazar you can go to Teknaf by renting local bus/micro/jeep / CNG. The bus fare from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf is Tk 150, and the CNG fare is Tk 250 per person. Depending on the situation, it takes about two hours to reach Teknaf. If you want to catch a ship in the morning, you have to leave Cox’s Bazar for Teknaf in the morning (by 6 am).

Teknaf from Chittagong:

The S Alam and Saudia buses left Cinema Palace in Chittagong for Teknaf at midnight. Besides, some buses from GSE Garibullashah Mazar and Dampara also run on the Chittagong-Teknaf route.

St. Martin from Teknaf:

Ships Kerry Zindabad, Kerry Cruise, MV Farhan, Atlantic, etc. ply from Teknaf to St. Martin every morning till November-March. It takes two hours to two and a half hours to travel from Teknaf to St. Martin by ship. Ticket fare to and from the 550-1500 TK. 

Ships depart daily from the jetty for St. Martin at 9.00-9.30 am and return from St. Martin at 3.00-3.30 pm. So if you do not arrive at the jetty early, the chances of missing the ship increase. And in such cases, there is no way but to return to the trawler is very dangerous. Ship tickets to St.Martin usually come and go. You need to specify when to the Ticket.

What to do and what to see:

Those who come back from St. Martin day by day may regret it later. It is best to stay in St. Martin for at least one day. This delightful trip will always fascinate you as you can see the whole island.

Day Long Trip: For those who want to travel to St. Martin on a day-long trip due to lack of time, get off the ship and go directly to West Beach or Main Beach by van without wasting time. For this, you have to calculate the van rent of 150 to 200 rupees. 

It takes 20 to 25 minutes to walk here, but it would not be right to waste time on a day-long trip. This place is for getting into the water. If you want to the beach you can soak your body in clear water. Whatever you do, you must keep in mind that you have to be free before 2 o’clock or you will not have time to eat. And of course. 

You have to get on the ship before 3 o’clock. If you have time, you can visit the Humayun Ahmed cottage near Main Beach. This type of trip to St. Martin will limit your time to come to St. Martin with a plan of at least one day.

1-day plan: Those who come to St. Martin with a one day plan should get off the ship and go to the hotel. After lunch, you come back to Chhera Island with a light rest. Try to leave before 4 o’clock, then you can return to Chhera Island after watching the sunset. The sunset on Chhera Island but too late after sunset. 

If you can return to the main island to hang out at the market jetty or sit anywhere on West Beach. You can do bar-b-que at the resort at night. Although the price of fish at the resort is a little higher, the fish stays fresh. Or you can barbecue and eat fish of your choice at a nearby hotel. 

Spend the next morning walking around or come back from Chhera Island in the morning if you haven’t been to Chhera Island the day before. Come back before noon, take a bath, have lunch, and slowly get on the scheduled ship by 2:30.

Travel costs to St.Martin:

How much each trip will cost is entirely up to you. The cost also depends on how you go, where you stay, what you eat, and what you do. Different times, including food as the top summer (December-January) or weekends, order do a little higher. The cost list is to give an idea of ​​how much it will cost to travel from Dhaka to St. Martin, including a 1-night stay and meals at a low cost and quality hotel. From which you can get an idea of ​​the cost.

Travel costs:

Bus tickets – TK. 1,800 (non AC), TK. 3,100-3,400 (AC) including round trip.

Ship / Ship Rent – TK. 600-700 (Open Deck), TK. 1000-1800 (AC) going and coming.

Chiara Island – TK.

Local Travel – Van fare to St. Martin’s Market or nearby is 150-200 rupees.

Other costs – TK.

The cost of food:

Day of going – 100-200 TK. for dinner at the journey break.

Day 1 – Breakfast 80-100 TK, lunch 120-220 TK, and dinner/bar BQ 200-300 TK.

Day 2 – Breakfast 80-100 TK, lunch 120-220 TK.

Day of return – 100-200 TK. for dinner on departure break.

If you need it, the package eats at a more economical price. According to the hotels inside this market and eating, easy food will decrease the price a lot.

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