Dalhousie: Mini Switzerland of India

Dalhousie – One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The area did name Dalhousie after the British. Known as Mini Switzerland, this place does locate in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.


Surrounded by pine trees, the temperature in this place is 15-22 in summer. I traveled just in time. My luck was probably a little better on a two-day trip. I was able to enjoy two types of weather. The first day was full of white clouds and sweet sunshine. Wind all around. And the second day was rainy. 

The sound of rain dripping all around and the roar of the clouds. It is a matter of luck to enjoy the two kinds of the beauty of the place together as there are two kinds of weather for two days.

On the way to Dalhousie, you will find many beautiful places, not to mention all the countries. Only when you enter Himachal Pradesh can you feel the cold air. So as long as you travel, you will be able to enjoy the enchanting environment next door. 

It is as if green mats stay placed on the hills, sometimes it is impossible to be touched by the clouds. The place for which Dalhousie is called Mini Switzerland is called Khajjiar. First of all, we go to that place. The Approx 24 keys from Dalhousie’s main point. Mr. Khazia will reach as soon as he arrives. 

This place is an excellent combination of water, mountain fields, and trees. Undoubtedly, after going to a place where I can say, your mind will give in to the form of nature. There are some more exciting things here that are paragliding and horse riding. You can enjoy these two things if you want.


Our next destination was the panch pula. This place is also quite beautiful. The spot is perfect for you if you want to do some adventure activities. In the middle of the hill, there is five pulas consisting of large rocks and fountains. There is a small park for children. You will also find some cafes in the middle of the hill. It is rare to find such an environment for afternoon tea breakfast.

We then headed straight for Dalhousie’s Main Point. There is a beautiful spot on the way, known as Green Valley. The beauty of the pine tree is clearly understood here. It would seem that the trees have cut in the same way, but they have developed in such a natural way.

Another famous spot is Gandhi Chowk. There are some markets here, from which you can do some shopping. There is also a beautiful spot in Gandhi Chowk. From you can see almost the entire city of Dalhousie. Another exciting thing to find here is tandoori tea. A little surprised to hear “tandoori tea” isn’t it? We were also surprised to see. That is a must-try item for this.


This impossibly beautiful place visited at a relatively low cost. But you need to know about the right route. I am informing you as much as possible to give details. There are some routes.

Train – Dhaka – Kolkata – Pathankot – Dalhousie

Flight – Dhaka – Delhi then travel on the Punjab – Pathankot – Dalhousie bus. Or you can rent a car for TK. 3000 / day and drive directly from Punjab to Dalhousie.

Hotel rent is justly low. But need to find a little. The price of food is a small costlier. It is a small difficult to get halal meat. Do not play a little less for two days! If anyone is planning to tour India, I think Dalhousie is a must-have. So far now. Thanks.

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