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Basic information of Cox’s Bazar district:

Cox’s Bazar is the most beautiful place to visit in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is a city in southeastern Bangladesh. The ancient name of Cox’s Bazar is Palanki. At one time it was known as Panoya. In the past, the area around Cox’s Bazar used to sparkle with these yellow flowers. It is located 159 km south of Chittagong. Captain Hiram Cox, an English officer, established a market here in 1899 AD. The origin of the name Cox’s Bazar is from Mr. Cox’s Bazaar.

Main Island: Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahparir Island, Chhera Island and St. Martin.

Size: North-Chittagong, East-Bandarban Hill District and Myanmar, West and South-Bay of Bengal.

Location: 2003 ¢ to 2105 ¢ north latitude and 91023 ¢ east longitude.

Borders: North-Chittagong, East-Bandarban Hill District and Myanmar, West and South-Bay of Bengal.

Precipitation: The average annual rainfall is 3.36 mm.

Maximum average temperature: 39.50 Celsius in June.

Lowest average temperature: 11.60 Celsius in January.

Annual average humidity: 63 percent

Main rivers: Matamuhuri, Bankkhali, Reju, Kohelia and Naf.

Administrative unit:

Number of seats in the National Assembly – 04:Cox’s Bazar-1 (Chakaria-Pekua), Cox’s Bazar-2 (Maheshkhali-Kutubdia) Cox’s Bazar-3 (Cox’s Bazar Sadar-Ramu) Cox’s Bazar-4 (Teknaf-Ukhia)

Number of upazilas: 06

Number of Unions: 71

Villages: 992

Municipalities: Cox’s Bazar, Chakaria, Teknaf and Maheshkhali.

Police station: 08

Police investigation centers: 03

Highway police outpost: 05

Police outposts: 05

Mouza: 18

Cox’s Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Not only Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar district has a worldwide reputation for having the longest beach in the world. Cox’s Bazar also has various traditional sites and several interesting tourist attractions. That is why Cox’s Bazar is called a ‘tourist city’. St. Martin’s, Radiant Fish World, Darianagar, Sugandha Beach, Laboni Point, Kalatali Beach, Inani Beach, Himchhari, Marine Road, Ramu Buddhist Monastery, Maheshkhali, Sonadia Island, Adinath Temple, Dulahazara Safari Park etc.

Cox’s Bazar beach sightseeing:

  • Laboni Point Sea Beach
  • Himchori Waterfall and Hill Track
  • Inani Beach
  • Naikhongchhari Lake and Hanging Bridge
  • Lamar Para Buddhist Temple
  • Ramu Rubber Garden
  • Kolatoli Beach
  • Cox’s Bazar – Teknaf Marine Drive
  • Radiant Fish World
  • St. Martin’s Island

Ways to go to Cox’s Bazar and rent:

There is a direct drive from the capital Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. There are also direct bus services to Cox’s Bazar from Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rangpur and other cities. Buses leave directly for Cox’s Bazar at several places in Dhaka including Fakirapul, Arambagh and Motijheel. There are many non-AC cars from Dhaka. Shyamoli, TR, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Saidia, etc. The rent will be 800-1000 rupees. If you want to go by AC bus then there are Green Line, Saidia, Desh Travels, TR, Sohag etc. Rent will be 1800 (Economy Class) – 2000 rupees (Business Class). It may take about 12-14 hours. St. Martin Transport also has AC buses that run directly to Teknaf. Unique and Shyamli services are quite good for non AC and Desh and TR Travels and Desh Travels services are good for AC.

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